POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - January 9th, 2017 – POK in China

January 9th, 2017 – POK in China

AIRBUS building protection

Fire protection at the AIRBUS A320 assembly plant in Beijing requires the highest level of safety and the highest quality equipment. POK® has put its industrial know-how in fire fighting and its strong development capacity at the service of the customer and has been able to offer the most innovative solutions. We were selected despite strong competition from local and American manufacturers to install motorised monitors in the various warehouses as well as for launch in January 2017.

Our customer, AIRBUS had to face many problems. Among them, the fact of having to protect a large area (aircraft construction and/or maintenance warehouse). He also had the need to control the monitors from several places, i.e. locally or from the control room several hundred meters away from the area to be protected. And finally the need to have a video feedback in the control room of the operations carried out with the monitor.

In order to be able to cover a large area, POK proposed the use of 8 motorised monitor to cover the entire area and provide the necessary volume of water.

Regarding the ability to control the entire system locally or remotely, POK responded positively to customer requests. POK offered the control of the monitors with a camera and a video transmitter, the use of a local control panel (radio or wired) and a remote control panel located in the control room, an interconnection of the whole through an industrial bus and the use of optical fiber. All the equipment required for this installation was entirely developed in-house by the Franco-Chinese POK research team under the supervision of its research director.

This development has led to the design of control boards, control of monitors interfacing with a local desk and an industrial bus, the choice of a control camera and optical couplers, the integration of a back-up power supply in the event of main power failure, the design of a remote control desk with integration of a 12″ colour screen, but also the definition of the control process with priority management, all with a view to meeting specifications, deadlines and costs.

All the equipment was delivered, installed and received during the month of January 2017, at the Beijing site in accordance with the customer’s requests.

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