POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - February 13th, 2017 – POK 2017 catalogues in English and French

February 13th, 2017 – POK 2017 catalogues in English and French

The latest French and English catalogues have arrived!

Although the electronic version is regularly updated on our website and available for download, the printed version of this almost 500 pages document is still an event and a source of satisfaction for POK®.

It is often a race to make the latest improvements, insert new products designed and allow us to reflect the work of our engineers and the growth of our range of fire fighting equipment.

With the diversity of the offered equipment, approximately 4 500 references divided into chapters grouping the various categories of products, our catalogue must be didactic and ordered. You will therefore find, throughout your reading, explanatory diagrams, icons, stamping for certified products and detailed technical descriptions allowing you to make an informed choice among our references and meet exactly your needs. At the beginning of the most important chapters, our section “the range at a glance…” presents the main characteristics in a comparative table…practical and quick!

Our catalogues remain an essential link with our customers. 65% of our production is exported abroad and our catalogue is available in 12 languages: French, English UK, English US, German, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish and Russian and use units of measurement adapted to each: bar or PSI, liter or gallon, centimeter or inch.

To enhance the information that we provide to our customers and resellers, our flyers are also available. These small information supports group our products by range (hand nozzles, wildland equipment, manual monitors, motorised monitors, towable units, foam equipment, couplings, hose reels and last but not least dividers, siameses and valves) or by sector of activity (industries, oil industry, firefighting trucks, marine, building industry and mines).

All these documents and many others (technical data sheets, user manuals, certificates) are always accessible on our website in the download section or on request to our corporate communication department at the following address: nathalie.sejourne [at] pok-fire.com. Our sales team is also at your disposal to answer all your questions in France: france [at] pok.fr or from abroad: export [at] pok-fire.com.

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