POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - March 13th, 2017 – What’s new

March 13th, 2017 – What’s new

POK innovates and invests

Satisfying our customers is a priority for POK®. This is why each year, the company invests in the purchase of new equipment but also in innovation. These investments allow us to meet our customers’ needs.

New range of diffusers

In order to meet the new requirements of our customers, the POK Product development department is currently working to finalize a new range of diffusers.
This new range, which will sweep flows from 500L/m to 5,000L/min, will be divided into 3 subcategories.

  • Manual adjustable flow diffusers
  • Manual pressure-regulated diffusers
  • Motorized pressure-regulated diffusers.

Their new design allows a reduction of pressure losses in the diffuser and it guarantees a better range and holding of the stream. These diffuser are designed to meet the EN-15767 standard. Initially intended for the European market, these new products aim to extend to the Asian market and then to the world market, with the development of specific versions for each continent.

New engraver

In early 2017, POK invested in a new laser engraver. With an engraving fleet composed of three laser engravers and two mechanical engravers, POK has the necessary resources to meet all its customer requirements throughout the world. Laser engraving, present on most of our products, has become an essential component of the POK production tool.

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