POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - April 10th, 2017 – Firefighters

April 10th, 2017 – Firefighters

Our privileged partners

POK® is pleased to work in partnership with the Monaco Fire Brigade and the SDIS de l’Aube in order to develop and respond perfectly to our customers‘ expectations in the field of remote-controlled monitors.

Indeed, the POK brand has placed at the disposal of these two fire brigades two radio-controlled monitorised monitors, last generation, DN65 in aluminium alloy with motorised diffuser 2,000L/min. These monitors are designed to operate with a simple remote control located at an average distance of 300 meters. This innovative device offers a simple and intuitive use, but above all the safety of the Fire Brigade.

The DN65 motorised monitor on loan meet the following characteristics :

  • aluminium alloy with polyester coating and hard anodising,
  • 360° azimuth travel and +32° to +90° site travel by very high performance electric motors. Both functions are equipped with emergency steering wheels. The travel speed is 22°/s,
  • battery power for more than 8 hours and can be recharged in less than 5 hours.

These motorised monitors offer a maximum flow rate of 2,400 L/min at 7 bar with one DN65 inlet or by 2 DN65 inlet collector. It is possible to equip these monitors with different output options: remote adjustable diffuser, foam water branchpipe, with or without disperser.

Historically the POK brand has always relied on the experience and know-how of the Fire Brigade in order to better understand their expectations but above all to anticipate the various evolutions of this profession. This experience feedback is essential for us in order to create products that anticipate the various evolutions in fire attack techniques, but also to combine this feedback with our extensive know-how in fire apparatus.

Come and discover our range of motorised monitors in our online catalogue. If you are interested in a product, please contact your distributor or your POK contact.

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