POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - June 5th, 2017 – Big equipment for big quantity of water !

June 5th, 2017 – Big equipment for big quantity of water !

POK, supplier of high flow solutions

The fire protection of certain critical sites requires the addition of a significant quantity of water in a very short time in order to cool the affected areas as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, POK® is studying the development of a range of large diameter products to meet customer requirements:

  • A 45° elbow designed with a 200 mm diameter passage section
  • A 90° elbow also designed with a 200 mm diameter passage section
  • One 200 mm inlet and two 200 mm outlets, allowing water to be distributed in the fire-fighting system.
  • A butterfly valve allowing to pass more than 6 000 litres of water per minute with a pressure drop lower than 0.1 bar
  • STORZ DN205 8″ threaded fittings, mounted directly on the elbows at 45°, 90°, the bi-division and the butterfly valve have been equipped with a locking system to prevent the untimely opening of one of them.
  • STORZ DN205 fittings, with corrugated bushings, have also been developed to allow the creation of pipes. The PIL (Smooth Inside Wall) hose, which covers the corrugated sleeve, is crimped by a collar on the fitting to hold the two elements in place.

But in addition to this new range study, POK already has certain products allowing the passage of a large flow of water such as the MONOPOK, which is a 150 diameter valve. The QUADRIPOK or the PENTAPOK are, as for them, divisions allowing the distribution of large flows on various outputs. Conversely, we have valve manifolds to merge several feeders into one.

In short, whatever your need, POK has a solution for you! Then do not hesitate to consult our online catalogue or get in touch with your distributor or POK contact.

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