POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 17th, 2017 – Summer will be hot 1/2

July 17th, 2017 – Summer will be hot 1/2

Summer, a period which smells good the holidays, the sun and relaxation

For POK®’s Product development department, on the other hand, summer promises to be hot and restless. Indeed, many projects are coming to an end and the installations are on the horizon. Schedules are rushing and downtime is shrinking. See for yourself.

The project for India, supply of an eNet system for 6 monitors, was completed with our leading supplier and the implementation with the latter was successful.

A full-scale demonstration is planned at the Nogent-sur-Seine site before shipping to India. For the record, this project uses many technologies such as Ethernet network, optical fiber, multipoint control. Commissioning and training is planned for September (even the fall will be hot, this is known as the Indian summer).

The first prototype of the robot ( what is its name, JUPITER?) is pointing its nose and full-scale tests are planned in a few days in China (here it’s really hot). A nice control case (the control case…) has been developed and includes the robot control system, the monitor and the video feedback. Beautiful achievement on the part of our Chinese colleagues, always so inventive and eager to advance with great steps.

The Montmirail DC, the latest addition to the range of motorized monitors, has also just been equipped with its small remote control. The prototype was launched this month and will undergo extensive validation before being released to the market. Once again, our Chinese colleagues have put their efforts into this development. A great first for us, because this monitor is equipped with brushless motors, whose advantages are undeniable when looking for performance while reducing weight and space.

You will soon find these new products in our catalogue. But I have already reached the end of this article, and not everything has been said. But summer is not over. August will also be very hot. See you next month.

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