POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 31st, 2017 – Montmirail monitor

July 31st, 2017 – Montmirail monitor

Next generation

POK® listens to its customers. Although our product range includes over 4,500 references, our Product development department works with all our customers to provide innovative solutions to meet their needs. We regularly make improvements to our products in order to better meet users’ expectations. This was the case recently with the Montmirail lance.

The latest generation of POK monitors is called Montmirail. It offers features never seen before on this type of monitor: weight including diffuser and collector less than 14 kg, making it the lightest equipment on the market.

This aluminium alloy monitor with polyester coating and hard anodizing offers all the latest generation possibilities that can be found on a portable monitor:

  • PN16 design,
  • adjustable automatic sweeping with a maximum angle of 35°,
  • site adjustment from +35° to +85°,
  • anti-lift or non-slip safety system instantly reduces monitor flow and keeps the user safe.

It is equipped with an opening and closing valve and foldable stabiliser legs. Various inlet connections or outlet devices are available for a flow rate of up to 4,000 l/min.

It is available in different versions; Montmirail light (without safety and oscillation device) it is nevertheless equipped with an opening and closing valve and also with folding stabilising legs or, finally, Montmirail equipped only with the safety device.

The whole range of Montmirail monitors offers different input possibilities: once 2.5” twice 2.5”, once 4” (the connection is to be defined according to the country).

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