POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - August 7th, 2017 – POK Custom Industry

August 7th, 2017 – POK Custom Industry

An ever-growing product range

POK® has a wide range of over 4,500 products. The latter is accessible on our website. Our customers can also browse our catalogue on our site, if they do not already have in their hands the paper version of this imposing document of almost 500 pages. This is our so-called “standard” range, i.e. articles which have multiple combinations ( couplings, diffusers, etc.), but which constitute the cornerstone of our product range.

Moreover, and given the diversity of our markets and customers on all continents, we often have to respond to very specific technical requests and therefore study the launch of so-called “special”, tailor-made products. This is where our Product development department comes in. Composed of a team of about ten engineers, experienced in a very specific technical universe, it” is working” on many requests.

Indirectly linked through POK sales teams, our engineers are responsible for defining precise technical specifications and developing – sometimes ex nihilo – a brand new product. This involves drawing up a plan, selecting the materials, in close collaboration with the purchasing department, then, once the plans have been duly approved by the final customer, building the prototype which will make it possible to validate all the technical characteristics of the product and its conformity with the specifications. The weight, range, flow rate, manoeuvrability and many other parameters are checked during water tests, among others.

On average two new plans are released each week from the POK Product development department. One example among others, certain products require long months of studies, such as the development of a remote-controlled bronze monitor of 20,000 litres per minute for the Asian market. The development of such a product involves not only the Product development department, but also the Quality, Safety and Environment department, which will guarantee that the product is approved to the required international standards.

POK then produces “tailor-made” products which prove to be a very successful field of development and modernisation of the range for the company.

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