POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - October 2nd, 2017- POK and the medias

October 2nd, 2017- POK and the medias

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During the month of September POK® had the great pleasure to receive Valérie Chrzavzez journalist at Sapeurs Pompiers de France magazine. It is now becoming very common for local or national media to take a close interest in the POK brand.

The aim of Sapeurs Pompiers de France magazine was to report on the development of motorized products within the POK range, as well as an interview with the General Manager, Alexandra Grandpierre. Journalists were introduced to all the POK motorised monitors, with their different functionalities, but also the latest generation of robots equipped with a motorised monitors and thus allowing to fight fires at risk in complete safety.

POK motorised products were created a little over 10 years ago, in response to ever-increasing demand, evolutions and improvements are made every year. Electronic development is carried out in close collaboration between the Product development department at POK headquarters and the Chinese company POK CHINA, where a team of researchers is working on tomorrow’s solutions.

This article “coupled” with a double-page spread on the theme of motorised monitors in the special issue of the Congrès de Sapeurs Pompiers de France had a first-rate media impact in the world of fire protection.

In order to fulfil its wish of proximity with the Fire Brigade, the local press was also there (“L’Est Éclair” and Canal 32) that same day to cover the signing of an agreement. This agreement, signed last September 15th, is a partnership for the Volunteer Fire Brigade, employed by POK.

POK confirms, by these events, its unstoppable will to be always closer to the Fire Brigade.

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