POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - October 23rd, 2017 – Satisfaction Survey

October 23rd, 2017 – Satisfaction Survey

Thank you

You are probably one of eight thousand recipients of our satisfaction survey asking you to comment on POK®, our products and our services. The time has come to review. After analyzing your answers, we can be satisfied. However, we will only be satisfied when we have achieved excellence, even if it is a very ambitious goal.

In short, among the 56% of partners, 24% of customers, and 8% of prospects who responded :

  • POK’s image is rated as “positive” or “very positive” at 91%,
  • The diversity of our product range is considered “positive” or “very positive” at 92%,
  • The POK sales department gives you “satisfaction” or “total satisfaction” up to 84%, responding “well” or “very well” to your requests up to 84%.

Our communication efforts are also rewarded by your “positive” or “very positive” 78% of the time. You rate your POK INSIGHT newsletter positively at 92%, our website at 83%, our catalogue at 97%, our “product” and “market” flyers at 96%.

But we still have to redouble our efforts on one major point: our delivery times which still give you only 84% satisfaction.

We are fully aware of the work to be done. We are facing a strong demand – which we welcome – for the manufacture of increasingly “specific” products, and it is clear that all our efforts are being made to significantly improve our manufacturing lead times. Know that this is a priority for the whole company.

Thank you for responding.

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