POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - October 30th, 2017 – Lebanon trusts POK

October 30th, 2017 – Lebanon trusts POK

The Montmirail monitor

In permanent research of innovation and pleasure of use the POK® company thought and conceived, 3 years ago, a revolutionary monitor capable of easing the maneuvers of the Firefighters and allowing the passage of a very varied range of flows: from 1 000 to 5 000 L/min. This monitor : Montmirail.

The Montmirail is made of aluminium alloy with yellow polyester coating and hard anodising, nominal pressure 16 bar. It offers azimuth travel: from -22.5° to + 22.5° and from +35° to + 85° on site. The Montmirail monitor offers above all the advantage of having an adjustable hydraulic automatic sweeping system, but also an anti-slip, anti-tilt and anti-lift safety system, which offers very high operating safety in “extreme” conditions. If triggered, this system instantly reduces the flow and thus keeps the user safe.

It is also equipped with an opening and closing valve, lockable and folding stabiliser legs, the inlet can be configured in different ways and diameters: rotating couplings, collectors. In output elements, the Montmirail monitor offers multiple solutions such as diffusion heads, water branchpipe, foam water branchpipe…

Another major and revolutionary feature in the monitors range: its weight! This monitor weighs only 14 kg with diffuser and collector!!!! This makes it by far the lightest monitor on the market (its competitors weigh almost twice as much).

Finally in order to meet all the needs the Montmirail monitor is available in three versions: with anti-lift device and hydraulic actuator, with only anti-lift device, with only hydraulic actuator, or to finish without these two options, it will be named in this case : Montmirail ” Light “.

It was the combination of these revolutionary features that convinced Lebanese decision-makers to acquire 100 POK Montmirail to protect their installations. But they are not alone in this case, because several customers such as French departments or oil sites have also made the choice of this monitor which is promised to a very great future.

If you also wish to purchase a Montmirail, get in touch with your distributor or POK contact.

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