POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - November 27th, 2017 – POK partner of EDF

November 27th, 2017 – POK partner of EDF

POK protects EDF power plants as part of the Fukushima project

Within the framework of a tender, the POK® company successfully completed a project launched by EDF to create back-up cells for cooling nuclear reactors in the event of a failure of the conventional cooling system.

This is a particularly skilled feat, by the team of engineers from the POK Product development department who designed, in record time, various parts in diameter 200, equipped in particular with DN205 Storz couplings, which did not exist on the market. All these parts have been designed in aluminium alloy, it includes Storz couplings with clamps made in cast iron, check valves diameter 200, transformations of diameter 200/150, divisions (200-2X200), vent valves and shut-off valves in diameter 200.

This ambitious project will be deployed on 4 pilot plants in France, then on all French plants. It ultimately consists in making available to the FARN (Force d’Action Rapide du Nucléaire), EDF’s internal safety department, a device to cool reactors with external supply of water pumped into a river. The final goal is to avoid fuel overheating in the case of failure of the traditional cooling system which can be caused by a natural disaster for example. The FARN teams would deploy in this case lengths of hoses in diameter 200, adding according to the needs of the valve situation, division or junction piece required in these non-standard diameters in order to connect cold water supplies to the reactor base avoiding a nuclear disaster similar to that of Fukushima.

Once the tests have been completed at the 4 pilot sites, these devices will be stored in large container-type cells in each EDF nuclear power plant in France. These provisions will then be applied to all EDF nuclear sites worldwide.

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