POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - December 11th, 2017 – Hand Nozzles

December 11th, 2017 – Hand Nozzles

Make the Right Choice

The POK® range of hand nozzles is very wide. We present below the technical characteristics that differentiate two of our hand nozzles: the Legende 500 and the Magikador / Débikador / Turbokador range.

Legend 500

All our Legende hand nozzles, with their ultra-compact pressure regulation system, offer a flow rate selectable by the indexed handle.  In fact, the flow rate is adjusted with the operating handle, whose 6 indexed opening positions (closed at maximum opening) combined with the slide valve facilitate the use of the lance in “Pulsing” mode.

The Legende is equipped at the inlet with a swivel coupling adapted to the standards of each country.

The diffuser head, with cut aluminium alloy teeth, allows the adjustment of the 3 different types of jet:

  • Straight stream,
  • Attack stream,
  • Wide spray pattern stream.

This nozzle is also equipped with the purge function. This nozzle, self-regulated, at a nominal pressure of 16 bar (Test pressure 25 bar). The operating pressure is 6 bar and the regulation is 5 bar. Moreover this nozzle exists in a DHT version (High Voltage Diffuser) with a safety device preventing accidentally to pass in right stream, this device is thus perfectly adapted to the electric fires.

Magikador / Débikador / Turbokador 500

The 500L/min adjustable flow and stream nozzles are available in two versions: ECO and top of the range. The calibrated flow rates are easily selectable by an indexed ring. A tactile mark indicates the maximum flow rate.

The indexed head ring is provided with tactile marks which allows the adjustment of the various streams available:

  • Straight stream,
  • Attack stream,
  • Wide spray pattern stream.

This range of nozzles offers three possibilities of diffuser:

  • Turbo (Turbine),
  • Debi (cut teeth),
  • Magi (Molded teeth).

The nozzles in this range comply with the EN 15182-2 standard and are used by a very large number of Fire Brigades throughout the world.

You can find our complete range of hand nozzles in our online catalogue. Feel free to contact your distributor or POK contact if you would like more information about our hand nozzles. Our teams are available to help you make your choice according to your needs.

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