POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - February 5th, 2018 – SICUR

February 5th, 2018 – SICUR

Madrid, SPAIN

From February 20th to 23rd, 2018 the international security exhibition SICUR will be held at the Feria de Madrid. AQL PROTECCION, one of our POK® distributors in Spain, will be present in Hall 8 booth G13.

This exhibition will bring together more than 640 companies in all sectors of security, defence, fire safety and emergency services at work. International companies will represent more than 30% of the participating companies this year.

Among the topics covered, in addition to this exhibition, we find: cybersecurity, protection of critical infrastructure, terrorism, commercial activities against changing political risks, the fight against terrorism, forest fires, security of historical, artistic and cultural heritage, new safety regulations, workplace health, etc… These topics make up the program, very broad and varied, of the technical days of this exhibition.

In order to show professionals, in an educational way, a number of good practices in the prevention of professional risks, the next edition of SICUR, will incorporate into its vast program of activities, a specific training program for professionals.

POK, one of the European leaders in the manufacture of fire fighting equipment, will of course be represented through one of its Spanish distributors, the company AQL PROTECCION. In total synergy with the latter, POK and AQL PROTECCION will therefore present the latest fire-fighting products intended both for fire brigades in larger or smaller towns and for the many industries that need to be equipped with the most efficient products. These industries include, of course, power plants, waste reprocessing plants, refineries and other hydrocarbon storage facilities.

POK offers them a catalogue of over 4,500 products. These cover ranges as diverse as hand nozzles, wildfire equipment, manual monitor (fixed or mobile), remote controlled monitor, foam equipment, couplings and many other measurement systems.

We therefore invite you to visit booth G13, located in pavilion 8, of the Spanish company AQL PROTECCION, which allows POK to be at the center of this exhibition and to welcome prospects and customers from many countries.

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