POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - March 5th, 2018 – Foam equipments

March 5th, 2018 – Foam equipments

Class B fires

POK® designs and manufactures foam equipment to extinguish class A and B fires by smothering and cooling. Foam can extinguish flames by reducing to zero any risk of restarting the flames, especially for liquid fires (class B fires).

Like water, foam insulates fuels from the air, also retaining flammable vapours. It separates the flames from the fuel surface. It isolates oxygen from flammable vapours.

The foam results from the mixture between air and water, enriches with emulsifier. When these three components are combined in the right proportions and mixed, the fire is extinguished optimally. The foam-water mixture is carried out either by a proportioner upstream of the nozzle or foam generator, or directly by the nozzle or generator. The percentage of foamer suction is adjusted to obtain the mixture recommended by the foamer manufacturer, either by changing a diaphragm, or more quickly with a tap.

POK designs and manufactures all the equipment needed to generate foam:

Foam equipment, low expansion (lances or guns): they allow to project the foam at long distance. The low expansion foam is not very sensitive to atmospheric conditions, wind or rain: it is stable and ensures a resistant cover.
The foam equipment, medium expansion: they project the foam up to ten meters. The foam is more sensitive to the weather and its resistance to re-inflammation is lower than that of low expansion foam. The expansion medium is used in cases where large quantities of foam are required while the water resources are limited. It is also suitable for the retention of leaks or the spreading of liquefied gases and toxic products.
The foam equipment, high expansion: they pour the foam directly at their exit. They are mainly intended for filling large volumes such as warehouses, ship holds or cable galleries.

All this foam equipment can be found in our online catalogue. For more information or to request an quotation, please contact your distributor or POK contact.

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