POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 23rd, 2018 – Life-size fire exercise

July 23rd, 2018 – Life-size fire exercise


It is Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 at 12:15 p.m., when a thick smoke invades the main building of the POK® company… Very quickly the alert is given and the building evacuated. A few minutes later, the Fire Brigade siren sounded, announcing the arrival of the fire fighters. Once there, debriefing to set up the action plan, emergency action, rescue the victims and extinguish the fire. Another mission accomplished for the Fire Brigade.

Don’t panic! Everyone is safe and sound and the building is clear. Indeed, this is only the scenario used to simulate a life-size fire exercise within the POK company. This exercise, which lasted about 1 hour, is profitable for the POK company but also for the Nogent-sur-Seine Fire and Rescue Centre.

Indeed, the staging, of regular manoeuvres, in companies, and in particular on industrial sites, is necessary for the Firemen. This is a unique opportunity to become familiar with a site on which they could be called upon to intervene. This exercise is an excellent way to apprehend a potential intervention within the company. It guarantees a good knowledge of the area and risk factors, thus guaranteeing a quick and quality intervention. For the Fire Brigade, only one priority: to be efficient.

As far as POK is concerned, it is an excellent way of ensuring the quality of our installations and procedures in the event of incidents. It is also an opportunity to make improvements or invest even more to guarantee employee safety.

In order to supervise this manoeuvre, two Adjudants and the Captain of the Nogent-sur-Seine Fire and Rescue Centre were present. The presence of external supervisors is necessary to detect all the points of improvement for the Fire Brigade as well as the investments and improvement to be planned for POK.

For POK, creating quality products is not enough. Guaranteeing the safety of its teams is a priority. Every year, the company makes numerous investments to bring the Nogentais site, which it has occupied since 1990, up to standard. These continuous improvements guarantee the safety not only of our employees, but also of the many customers who visit us and of our production site.

Our proximity with the Fire Brigade, with whom we share many values, has allowed us to set up this exercise with a single aim to guarantee the safety of all.

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