POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - February 18th, 2019 – Towable monitors

February 18th, 2019 – Towable monitors

Towable monitors are delivered worldwide

In the 1990s, portable monitors had a maximum capacity of 3000 liters per minute. To exceed this flow rate, it was necessary to use towable monitors.

This explains why our construction of towable monitors starts at 3000 liters per minute, which we continue to build and sell despite the fact that our products allow us to reach flow rates of 5000 and 8000 liters per minute in very compact and light transportable machines.

Their foldable wheelbase allows storage in a pump-ton truck. Our sales of these devices are mainly in China where Chinese firefighters know how to take advantage of innovations and the advantage offered in terms of flexibility and transport. On the other hand, the French fire brigade seems to consider that towable vehicles offer more stability and safety for untrained staff members, therefore not aware of the risks of a flow rate of 8000 liters per minute pulling horizontally. They may not even have heard of Torricelli. So, with a modern nozzle and a flow rate of 8000 l/m (133 kg/s), with a pressure of 7 bars, the reaction force of a straight jet is 400 kg, enough to kill any living being.

Our towable monitors are built with a standard frame equipped with an adjustable tiller, stabilizing feet, as well as a jockey wheel. A storage box completes the equipment to transport either a diffuser, a water gun, a water-foam gun, with or without a tablecloth disperser. Above 5000 liters per minute, depending on the mass to be transported, the chassis is doubled. In all cases, our constructions are made of groomed and non-slip aluminum alloy sheet. The choice of this type of construction is due to an event that we had not foreseen, at the beginning of the 1990s, we delivered a dozen towable monitors to the departmental fire and rescue services of Meurthe et Moselle. The firefighters had left the towable monitors outside on the Vandoeuvre plateau all winter in the grip of bad weather, rains, frosts and other conditions. This resulted in rust pitting on the welds of the steel construction, despite 5 coats of paint. I was entitled to the Colonel’s claims, with deadly expressions. I sent a team that dismantled the emulsifier tanks, monitors, chassis and recovered the frames that were stripped and repainted with 9 coats of paint. Then back to Vandoeuvre to reassemble.

I promised myself that this would never happen again, and it hasn’t happened since the frames are made of aluminum alloy that doesn’t rust.

Today we are building these towable monitors with flow rates exceeding 30,000 liters per minute and we have a project for such a machine with a 60,000 liter per minute water-foam gun. These machines are available with or without a foaming tank. At 30.000 l/min, the machine is equipped with a ballast that holds 1300 liters of water and ensures stability in all positions.

Tractable monitors are delivered worldwide, mainly to the fire protection services of tankers that have the appropriate power motor pumps.

For a long time, our main customers were Russian oil companies. Today, it’s mainly the Chinese, but you can find our products all over the world, including France ; because we don’t have oil, we have refineries and fuel depots, and oil burns! Kuwait’s oil wells are a proof of this, and the Dalian oil depot will remember it for a long time to come. Concerning Kuwait, the French had about thirty oil wells to shut down. We prepared the equipment, but our administration, instead of sending a team, preferred to subcontract the operation to the Americans. All the experiences we could have gained from it have unfortunately been lost.


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