POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - March 4th, 2019 – Dividers

March 4th, 2019 – Dividers


POK® manufactures valve dividers. These devices are used to supply several lines of attack from a single pump.

Valves are used either to disconnect the power supply to an appliance or to replace it during operation with more appropriate equipment.

In general, we build two types of taps :

Taps with a flywheel and globe valves, and taps with ball valves.

To ensure that the user’s choice is only technical, we ensure that everyone’s prices are the same.

The main difference for the user is that the flywheel valve has a progressive opening while the ball valve has a quick opening when not equipped with a gearbox.

Globe valves, which have the particularity of opening without water hammer, (therefore protecting pipes and upstream equipment), can be opened by leaving a full or reduced passage.

In the first case, the opening is done in 7 to 8 turns, in the second, in 3.5 turns.

The difference depends on the diameter of the valve stem. This diameter is about 20 mm to be strong enough and not too heavy, considering the valve rule where the thread angle must be less than 6° to prevent the valve from opening under upstream pressure.

At POK, this angle is about 5°, which ensures proper operation.

For ball valves, the problem of unintentional closing may occur. In this case, the solution is to process a small flat plate at the entrance to the sphere, thus creating a small turbulence that exerts sufficient pressure to keep the spherical rotation open.

Anyway, you can be sure that POK masters its art, which at times has not yet been understood by some Asian manufacturers.

POK valve dividers have several outputs. The most common ones have two or three outputs. We also build four and five outlets in the entire diameter range from DN20 to DN250.

Above DN100, the valves are generally equipped with a reducer for effortless operation. In this case, the advantage of the reducer is to oppose any force of the water flow, so that the turn can be made without creating turbulence or with a minimum of turbulence when the spherical part is made in the form of a disc.

Here again, the choice is made in such a way as to create a device that is as compact and light as possible.

For some uses, POK also manufactures dropping flap valves. These valves have the advantage of having a very short length. We plan to integrate them into our dividers whenever we find a specific advantage.

Our objective is to offer our customers the solutions best adapted to their tastes and use.

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