POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - April 2nd, 2019 – Wrenches

April 2nd, 2019 – Wrenches


The security services are responsible for all wrenches intended to access the opening of doorways, cabinet doors, manholes and the tightening and loosening of couplings, as well as hydrants and fire hydrants.  Concerning the wrenches used to tighten the couplings, POK® manufactures a wide range of them, which in general have the particularity of being made out of a non-sparking material such as copper-aluminium and aluminium alloy.

Wrenches made of steel have the advantage of being economical, which explains the choice of this material for the wrenches used to tighten Storz couplings in accordance with DN14822 for two versions, one for Storz DN52 and DN75, the other for Storz DN110, DN75 and DN52.

In addition, when out of standard, a wrench capacities ranges from DN150, DN165, DN205 to DN250. In our range, you will also find a range of four chrome steel wrenches to equipe mechanical workshops. Our symmetrical couplings wrenches made out of aluminium alloy are particularly functional, elegant and so ergonomic that they have been copied in Europe and Asia. They are available in three versions, for tightening couplings from 50 to 100, a second version for couplings from 100 to 150 and a third for couplings from 125 to 250. Our wrenches for couplings made out of copper-aluminium (anti-spark), cover versions for multiple diameters, including in particular the wrench intended for firefighters with multiple functions, including the 12 female squares for opening dry column valves, pyramid trunk squares from 5 to 8.5mm for opening ventilation ducts and fire cabinet doors, female squares from 15mm for hydrants, female triangles from 13mm for opening fire hydrant boxes.

A new range of multifunction wrenches, the “Gung Ho tool” made out of aluminium alloy for one version and stainless steel for the other with the particularity of fitting in the chest pocket once folded, is suitable for uniforms without a belt. For information, the term “Gung Ho” is a Cantonese term coming from Hong Kong and which in English applies to a strong and energetic character.

Other products have a specific use, for example for watering nozzles. We also build wrenches for British BSRT couplings, for American couplings according to the US aesthetic. Our range also includes wrenches for American and French hydrants and fire hydrants.

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