POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - June 17th, 2019 – The JUPITER robot

June 17th, 2019 – The JUPITER robot

A robot for every situation

Socially and culturally accepted, robots are a fairly French phenomenon but have long been important worldwide.
First seen as an enemy, the robot has become an opportunity. It enables people to do things that are both more sustainable and fulfilling, while creating value.
The robots now accepted have made a lot of progress. They are used to mow the lawn, vacuum dust and deliver packages to your door.
The robotics sector is booming.

With its experience in the manufacture of fire-fighting equipment, POK® wanted to create a robot that could perform technical feats while remaining extremely easy to handle: the JUPITER was born. The JUPITER robot operates in confined spaces, allowing heavy loads to be pulled (such as water pipes) and all this by being remotely controlled by a single operator (thanks to its integrated high-resolution camera).
It allows access to hostile places (buildings threatened by collapse, places with polluted atmospheres for example) and allows personnel to operate outside the risk area.
Watch the robot video!

The strengths:

Ability to operate in very confined spaces
Reverse and 360° swivel functionalities
State-of the-art maneuverability thanks to its progressive speed control
Low gravity centre for better grip on all ground types
Ability to clear stairways or obstacles
Combined remote control for the monitor and the robot with single operator mode
50 m led spotlight made of aluminium
Fitted with a high-resolution night operating LED camera with a 10 m range in total darkness
Fully submersible
Great image stability thanks to its digital video transmission
Possibility to add ballast
Can be equipped with a 60 m DN65 hose

Some data:

Dimensions (L x l x H): 1240 mm * 876 mm * 960 mm
Tare weight (monitor included): 260 Kg
Maximum weight (monitor included): 310 Kg
Payload: 340 Kg
Speed: 2,6 Km/h (regardless of the load)
Obstacle clearance: 265 mm
Up and down slope: 31°
Tilting angle: 28°
Breaking distance : 0 m (regardless the load charge)
Turning radius: 770 mm
Less than 1° deviation in straight line
Anticorrosion treatment: adonised aluminium alloy
Duration: 2/4 hours (1 or 2 batteries)
Radio range: greater than 200 m in free field conditions
Waterproofing: IP66
Numeric video transmission
Stainless steel waterproof camera 316L (50 m) 976 x 582 pixels (Sony Super HAD II sensor)
LED long range projectors 1500 LM, IP67
Extra battery 48 V 60 amp/hour
Control system transport case


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