POK English catalogue (Complete)

POK France - ZI Les Guignons - 10400 Nogent-sur-Seine - FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)3 25 39 84 78 - Fax: +33 (0)3 25 39 84 90 - Email: export@pok.fr - Web: www.pok.fr 12 Hand nozzles - Dual pressure TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Flow adjustment is accomplished by operating the shutoff handle from the closed to the fully open position passing through the four intermediate settings corresponding to 20% of the maximum flow rate for the first setting, 40% of the maximum flow rate for the second, 60% of the maximum flow rate for the third and 80% of maximum flow rate for the fourth. • A selection ring allows the user to operate the nozzle at a pressure of 6 bar (87 psi), or at 3 bar (44 psi) while maintaining the same flow rate in the maximum position. This ring also has a third position marked PURGE or FLUSH which permits the removal of particles which could interfere with the proper hydraulic operation of the nozzle. • Selectable stream pattern: a continuous rotation of the head ring allows the user to progress from a straight stream to a narrow spray of 32° called "Flashover", to a full fog diffusion cone of 130° forming a wall of water. Tactile and visual indicators permit the user to know the type of stream even in total darkness and while wearing firefighting gloves conforming to EN 659. • Swivel inlet connection . • Functions under nominal pressure PN16 . • Aluminium alloy adjustable flow rate with robust shutoff handle , piston, screws and bolts in stainless steel. CONSTRUCTION • Aluminium alloy construction, AGS T5, new titrated alloy, extremely light. • Resistant to mechanical shock and chemical attack with 50μm hard anodisation . • The head is protected with a polyurethane bumper guard . This elastomer does not melt under heat, is an excellent insulator which allows the user to work under high heat conditions without burning and does not stick to the fingers in low temperatures. • Ergonomic, anti-slip polyurethane pistol grip. • Pins and screws in stainless steel. CURVES FLOW RATE/PRESSURE - For the 600 lpm version 100 200 300 400 500 600 0 26 53 79 106 132 158 700 800 900 185 211 238 C urbe pression / débit pressure / flow rate curve FIREFIGHTINGEQUIPMENT Pression / Pressure Standard pressure (6 bar) Low pressure (3 bar) PSI Bar Débit / Flow rate l/min GPM Slide-o-matic 600 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 29 43 58 72 87 101 116 130 145 159 174 Swivel inlet coupling conform to international norms Shutoff handle with polyurethane protection. Shutoff with slide valve, with indexing of the positions at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100 % of the flow rate when pushed fully to the stop position. Bumper guard with tactile markings indicating the shape of the stream pattern. 3 stream patterns positions: straight jet, flashover (30°), wide angle spray (130°) Selection ring to operate the nozzle at 6 or 3 bar while keeping the same flow rate in maximum open position of the shutoff. FLUSH position obtained on full stop limit of the selection ring. C o n f o r m e à l a n o r m e EN 15182-2 C o n f o r m t o n o r m EN 15182-2