POK English catalogue (USA)

POK CHALLENGER OFFICIAL NOZZLE The Challenger nozzle was specifically designed with the rugged action of the Firefighter Combat Challenge in mind. The combat challenge is an event that not only challenges the best in our Ameri- can heroes but also vigorously tests the equipment for strenuous use (that would normally take a department years of service to bear the same usage). During one event, the Challenger nozzle must be used to hit a target under pressure, in which the nozzle is repeatedly dragged and dropped for several hours. This is the exact reason why POK was asked to design and develop the official nozzle for the event. POK nozzles are known to withstand strenuous conditions without failure. The Challenger nozzle is made in heat-treated aluminium alloy, with an ergonomic silicone pistol grip, and has a 1/2" inch smooth bore tip. Many fire departments throughout the nation have chosen this nozzle as the standard among their primary attack nozzles.