POK full catalogue english February 2024

POK SAS - 18 Cours Antoine Lavoisier - 10400 Nogent-sur-Seine - FRANCE Tél. : +33 (0) 37 49 53 - 000 Email : export@pok-fire.com Web : www.pok-fire.com RCS : Troyes 90 B 279 Photographs, pictures and texts are not contractually binding. The information presented in this catalogue is subject to change without notice. Warning: POK reserves the right to take legal action against any company that intends to market duplicate, modify and/or reproduce any POK good or mark without prior permission. POK will seek damages and compensation against any violator, at a minimum for loss sustained, wich willl be claimed by way of justice. English catalogue - Rev K - 02/2024 - Illustrations are only informative