POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 29nd, 2019 – Ultra flat Keyser caps

July 29nd, 2019 – Ultra flat Keyser caps

To avoid waste of water

Every year at this time (June, July, August), the authorities complain of untimely sampling of hydrants that dry up water supplies and create additional risks with slippery roads.
Fire hydrants in France are equipped with Keyser DN100 fittings, according to NFS61-708.

The standard space between the upper part of the Keyser fitting and its protective plate is more than 3 cm (according to the standard).

To reserve the opening of fire hydrants for security services, POK® designed an ultra-flat Keyser plug with a lock that opens with a 13 mm male triangle in a cylinder. This lock can only be opened with a female triangle of 13 that is not commercially available but that the men in the fire and rescue services individually own on their multifunction knitting keys.

By equipping their hydrants with this ultra-flat plug, municipalities will save hundreds of cubic meters of expensive water and make an act of good management.

This ultra-flat Keyser cap, part number 40267, is available from POK.

Our knitting keys equipped with 13 female triangles are : the Sesame key reference 02229, the POKY key (02477), the Deschamps key (02438), the GUNG HO TOOL keys (19988 and 23351).

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