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August 19th, 2019 – High expansion foam generator DN300

Convenient for many purposes

The “MISTRAL 300” foam generator is mainly made of aluminium alloy with a stainless steel turbine that allows permanent operation, which is not the case with competing models equipped with plastic turbines.


Indeed, plastics have a moisture recovery that causes the outer diameter of the turbine to swell, which then rubs into the turbine’s cage and blocks it in less than three hours.

The choice of plastic material for a Delaval turbine is due to the difficulties of machining the blade in a hard material, so for us the turbine is made of stainless steel investment casting or only the grinding of the external diameter is done in order to obtain a minimum between iron. Indeed, the efficiency of the turbine depends on this air gap.

In precision casting, the difficulty comes from the production of the tooling where each blade of the stainless steel turbine must be removed from the lost wax part.

An advantage of our device is that it has integrated the foam production device inside it, making it possible to replace the foam generator for a diffuser connected by its connection to the external wall of the fan.

To avoid any unintentional loss of water, a plug can close the axial pressure tapping outlet. The main function of the diffuser is to cool the fumes, when the device is used to remove fumes from a burning compartment on a ship. The ducts connected externally are connected with “ZAG” ventilation fittings DN 300 NFS G1-707.

The fan is equipped with a carrying handle and its mass of less than 18 kg makes it easily movable by an operator.

The “ZAG” connection located at the inlet allows the connection of a suction hose connected to the burning compartment. Stainless steel wire grids are used to prevent operators from losing their fingertips by tickling the fan propeller.

Mounted in a foam generator version, the diffuser is replaced by a self-suction nozzle equipped with the same Storz DN25 connection for ultra-fast assembly with an emulsifier suction hose passing through the foam tube whose function consists in rigorously mixing the air of the fan with the premixing performed by the base. You will notice that in this configuration, it is necessary to transport the foamer can near the foam generator. At 7 bars, the foam jet range is about 10 meters with an expansion of about 200 depending on the quality of the foamer.

The MISTRAL 300 is therefore a multifunctional device that is convenient to use for many purposes.

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