POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - October 14th, 2019 – Open doors at Nogent with Jupiter
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October 14th, 2019 – Open doors at Nogent with Jupiter

Jupiter in action in Nogent

Do you know our robot Jupiter? 100% made by POK® !

After a training session held to Sylvie and Laurent by the electronic R&D department, Jupiter followed the Nogent fire brigade for a few demonstrations.

Let’s recall the strong points of our fabulous robot:

This one has been designed for use in confined spaces. It masters reverse and 360-degree pivoting. Thanks to its progressive speed control, it is very easy to control it to take into account obstacles. The particularly low centre of gravity increases its grip on all types of grounds. So the Jupiter crosses the obstacles and will climb as many stairs as necessary! The Jupiter can pull 60 metres of DN65 type pipes with water. At night or when visibility is difficult, LED spotlights allow a range of 50 meters. In total darkness, the high-resolution LED camera allows perfect use at night.

When empty, Jupiter weighs 260 Kg, and with its monitor lance it can support a weight of 310 Kg. Whatever its load, its maximum speed is 2.6 km/h.

Concerning its autonomy, Jupiter can be delivered with as many batteries as necessary, knowing that a battery allows it to work 2 hours in total autonomy.

Finally, only one operator operates the Jupiter without difficulty. Learning to use this device is easy and its use is intuitive. You will find all its technical characteristics summarized in our brochures.

On Sunday, September 22, the Nogent-sur-Seine firefighters opened their doors to the public to explain their mission and present their work tools. On this occasion, they took all their vehicles out, but not only, the Jupiter of POK also accompanied them. With her driver’s license, Sylvie was able to lead the demonstrations and help put out a fire. In doors, the POK stand presented interesting products and reminded the public that POK recruits for all types of jobs! Thank you Sylvie!

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