POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - September 23rd, 2021 – Wild fires fighting
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September 23rd, 2021 – Wild fires fighting

POK® contributes to the fight against wild fires, especially forest fires 

POK® is pleased to present its range of products to fight wild fires.

This year again, forest fires have hit hard across the world.
Several articles have been written on this subject, alarming about the extent and consequences of these fires for the year 2021, including the one below:

Wild fires in 2021


With 187,114 fires burning at the beginning of August, mainly in South Africa, the USA and the Mediterranean, we have broken the record for the most daily fires ever recorded. This number is monitored daily by NASA’s NOAA-20 satellite.
You can find in real time, the observations made by NASA which show the extent of forest fires around the world.
You can find the link below:

NASA – Fires over the world


The phenomenon of forest fires expands geographically and temporally each year. Forest fires are increasingly starting to appear in winter or in northern regions of the world, which are not used to deal with forest fires.
The causes of the increase in fires are mainly human (cigarette butts, wild fires, etc.), but also climatic. These disasters cause dramatic events such as pollution, loss of life, extinction of animal and plant species, destruction of material goods …


In order to combat these devastating events, POK has developed a whole range of products dedicated to forest fires, including nozzles, backpacks, taps, shutoffs, non-return valves, waterwall nozzles and wyess.

These products have been designed to provide solutions for all situations that firefighters may encounter during a wildland or forest fire fight.

Thus, each of the POK teams contributes in its own way to wildland firefighting.

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